01.24.20 Member Update

Featured Image by Lindsey Larivee

How did you do this week? It’s been a ton of low light around here, but not in the nice way – gloom, gloom, gloom. Here’s hoping the skies were sunnier where you live!

New this week:

If you have questions about low key, never fear!  Annette’s got a post just for you.  

Time to get in the frame!  Sarah Bednar has an amazing lesson on how low key self portraits can be beautiful story telling images that tells about YOU!

Missed the interview with Whitney Coudray?  Catch the replay here.  Lots of great information for anyone thinking about turning their love of photography into a business!

The latest Magazine is chock full of gorgeous, low-key portraits!

It’s time to get in the frame.  That’s right! This week’s album is all about low key self portraits.

Coming up:

Next Friday we will reveal February’s theme!  Be on the look out!



Featured Image by Holly Vegter

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