01.31.20 Member Update

Featured Image by Rachael Simon

It’s already time for a new month and a new theme!

We wish we could feature every single image from the low key self portrait album.  Make sure to look through the album if you haven’t.  You all are beautiful, talented people and we are so proud of your learning and growth in low key photography this month!

New this week:

It is time for a new theme! However, it’s so hard to say goodbye to low key!  Don’t stop sharing and if you are catching up, keep adding to the albums!  February’s theme is “Indoor Lighting.” We know that indoor lighting is a challenge and we want to tackle it with you all!  We will give Kelvin a try, utilize natural light we can find indoors, and challenge ourselves with flash! The first lesson for the month can be found here!  Have you given Kelvin a try yet?

If you are participating in our year-long project #SPSMembers52 it is time to show us the first 4 weeks!  A 4×4 template can be found here.  Details about the project can also be found here.  No worries if you missed a week on theme, just add a picture that you took that week instead.  Missed a week or haven’t joined in yet, there are no rules! Join us anytime and when you can.

There are some amazing silhouettes in this week’s Magazine!

Our theme this week is (Indoor) White Balance. Put your shots in the new album



Featured Image by Jenna Thiessen

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