02.07.20 Member Update

Featured Image from Rachel Zinanti

Is this month’s focus inspiring you to continue picking up your camera?  We hope so!  

New this week:

As we wrap up week one of indoor lighting, make sure to ask any questions you may have and check out some quick tips about in camera White Balance.

Next up is all about natural lighting found indoors.  Sarah Bednar tells us where to look and inspires us to get the camera out, even when stuck inside.

You guys.  You SLAYED the low key self portraits.  This issue of the Magazine is absolutely cannot miss.  Can.not.

The focus in this week’s album is natural indoor lighting.

Coming Up:

We’ll be starting a Love Your Light challenge starting on Valentine’s Day.  Bring your camera and speed light and join us!

We have another great interview lined up for this month and it’s all about VIDEO (say whaaaaat?)  Do not miss this! Grace Baltic uses her DSLR to capture her family and we get to ask her all about it!  Register here but until then, enjoy two of her family films here and here.



Featured Image from Valerie DeMaria

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