02.21.20 Member Update

Featured Image from Adrian Blanco Canvas

You guys are sailing through what can be a gloomy month and posting incredible images. You’ve fully embraced the monthly theme and we’re so grateful and inspired that you have!

New this week:

One last week for our indoor lighting theme – and now it’s time to get creative!

Put your creativity cap on and post your shots from this week in the new album.

You guys are making it look like using indoor light is a cinch.  What a gorgeous bunch of images in this week’s Magazine.  

Coming Up:

Can you believe that we’re already thinking about March?  Annette is giving you the heads up about a few things that you might not have but would help in following along with March’s theme.  More details in this post.  

Don’t forget that our interview with Grace Baltic all about her family videography is scheduled for next Tuesday, February 25, at 8pm CST/9pm EST.  Grab a seat and ask any questions you already have here.  You can see examples of Grace’s work here and here to tide you over until interview time!



Featured Image from Andrea Jill

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