02.28.20 Member Update

Featured Image by Chelsea Barker

February is already over?!  We can’t believe it. The end of the month brings… collages of your favorite work of the month and we cannot get enough of them.  You guys are so incredibly talented. Thank you for choosing to share it with us!  

New this week:

Goodbye February, hello March!  And hello new theme! This month we are “Shooting Through” and super excited to help you all create some fun artistic shots with various items around the home and fun inexpensive gadgets as well!  For week one we are taking it to the basics of layering.  It will help as a starting point before we go deeper into the theme.

If you missed our interview this week with Grace Baltic or you want to relive the memories, you can catch the replay!

Ready to put this week’s lesson into play?  New month, new theme, new album.

You all have been challenging yourselves with flash and the results are beautiful!  



Featured Image by Kerry Goddard

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