03.20.20 Member Update

Are you guys hanging in there?  We can’t believe how much has changed in the past week.  One thing you can be certain of in these tumultuous times is the support and kindness of our Members family – so please keep posting and sharing! 

Featured Image from Jenna Thiessen

New this week:

How many of you have challenged yourself with this month’s theme?  We have one more week to dive in! Thank you all for sharing your work – we love seeing your images!  This week is all about glass! Yes, even a piece of glass you might even be reading this email with. Check it out!

We’re shooting through glass this week!  Here’s the new album for your work.

It’s another gorgeous new issue of the Magazine.  Be sure to check it out!

Coming up:

Well, you all kicked us out of our SPS Live seats…. You asked for posing and so we wanted to bring someone in to show you all the tips and tricks!  We invited midwest photographer, Kara Kamienski, to join us so we can interview her!

Here’s a little more about her: A teacher by career, Kara loves to use her skills instructing in a classroom setting and paralleling it to guiding couples or families through posing to get the most genuine, intimate shots!   Shoots should always be fun, fast, and full of laughter! Kara Kamienski Photography, Co. has been shooting weddings, seniors, and families for the past eleven years throughout central Illinois, the Midwest, and internationally!  Check out more of her work on her website and instagramRegister here so you don’t miss us on March 31st 9pm EST/8 pm CST.


  • Did you see this jaw dropping stunner that Christopher Tan posted?  You need to!
  • Andrea Jill captured her kiddos in the woods.  She shot through some branches and used a pretty creative trick to add some sun to the shot.  
  • The colorful rings the copper pipe Katie Braun shot through created are so interesting and really reflect the tones in the rest of the shot.  
  • Marnie Jones shot through a lensball and created the effect of it both blending into and standing out from the background all at the same time.  
  • Sunrise through a lensball created a stunning shot for Caitlin Suchenski. 


Featured Image from Rachel Clelland

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