Love Your Edit

September’s theme is…. 📷“Editing” 💻! We’re going to have an editing-themed One-A-Day along with quick tips and lessons to help you flex those editing muscles. More details on the One-A-Day prompts and the month’s flow can be found here. 

Remember that you can find all of the weekly lessons (published on Fridays), Friday updates, and magazines for this month all nice and tidy on your Member Dashboard.

NO ALBUMS THIS MONTH. WHAT? We do ask you to post your SOOC with your edited image to the feed and use the hashtag #LoveYourEdit so we can find your photos. Here’s a run-down on the topics for this month

  • Week 1 (August 28- September 3) is all about “The Perfect Edit”!
  • Week 2 (September 4 – September 10) is all about the Basic Panel.
  • Week 3 (September 11 – September 17) dives into Tone Curve/Split Toning/ HSL Panel.
  • Week 4 (September 18- September 24) utilizes the brush tool, gradual filters, and radial filters.
  • Week 5 (September 25 – 30) dips your toes into the world of Photoshop and wraps up our one a day prompts!

Hashtag Reminders:

  • #LoveYourEdit– use all month long on your edited images/One-A-Day Posts. Please post your edited image with its SOOC and any editing tidbits you can share (either described or screenshot your history, etc.). This helps us all learn from each other.
  • #honestcc – to request constructive feedback
  • #SPSMembers52 – for those working on a 52 project, you can see the original post here. 
  • #SPSMembers52 & remember to hashtag your images.
  • #business – any posts that are business-related.
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