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Firework Tips

Fireworks are always a favorite memory of the summer. Sparklers, backyard fireworks from the nearby tent, and the grand finale of your local town’s show all have a place in our memories and now as photographers, a place in our frame.

Photo by Erica Ogden


– ISO 100
– Shutter speed of 2 to 3 seconds
– Aperture of at least f8 but could go up to f16

Photo by Erica Ogden


Another big tip is to make sure you use a tripod or balance the camera on yourself or something else. Camera shake is often an issue when shooting fireworks.

Take a look back at Kyle’s blog post on firework tips!

Photo by Jessica Cadle


Don’t forget to capture the firework memories with the family in the frame as well. Jessica Cadle gives some great tips and inspiration here.

Photo by Jessica Cadle


No firework shows this year? Take some time to grab some sparklers and play with some light painting! Do not forget the tripod on this one! Some of the best opportunities to paint with the sparklers are a 6-10 second shutter speed! It does take some trial and error. Your settings will be different based on how dark it is, what ambient light you have, and how many sparklers are going. Another tip is to have the person already moving the sparkler as you hit the shutter so there isn’t a bright spot where they were holding the sparkler still.

Photo by Darlene Murrin
ISO 100, 24mm, f/11, 13.0 seconds (no tripod so used picnic table)

Fireworks are a common theme in SPS Members around this time. So I also challenge you to go back to your firework images from last year and take notes on what you would do differently. Need a longer shutter speed? A tripod? Set yourself up for success before the firework show even begins!

Photo by Erica Ogden

Happy 4th of July to our United States friends! We hope you all have a safe and fun holiday!