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"Who me? Snapping pics like a boss?"

“SOUNDS great! But there are some problems…”

Many assume they’ll need to invest in an expensive camera to get take pro-quality pics of their kids, let alone get paid for a gig.

The Truth: cameras are the least important part. YOU are the most important part! Of course, nice cameras are AWESOME! Just remember that they’re a tool. You’re the creator.

Whatever your camera, we’ll explain how to make the most of it in everyday language that a 4th grader can understand.

“I’d LOVE to learn photography, but it’s SO time consuming!”

We totally get it! It’s just tough to add ANYthing to our plates these days!

That’s why we try to make our courses as short and sweet as possible. Most are 5-10 lessons and we try to keep each lesson around the 10 minute mark.  We do have just a few huge foundation courses, but even those can be broken into completely manageable pieces.  

The other thing that can help is if it’s FUN.  Now I know for sure that I’m not that cool (Kyle speaking here), but I can tell ya this for sure. The rest of the SPS team and the SPS Members (currently about 1300 strong) are an absolute a BLAST!  

And, no joking, they’re some of the most caring people on earth. We’re CRAZY blessed to have somehow attracted such amazing members. It’s TRULY HUMBLING!

Another confession (Kyle speaking again): I spent 5 years shooting 40 weddings and 300 portrait sessions per year, and I never once considered myself artistically gifted.  I just discovered that photography has certain rules that I could follow to get great results.

Basically it felt like I was cheating. But all legal. Hahaha…

Honestly, here’s something we’ve found to be true: If you appreciate art, creativity, and in general – pretty things – but don’t feel like you’re creative, photography might just be a perfect fit for you.  With photography, you get to create, but you don’t have to start with a completely blank canvas.

Said another way, photography can be as much about learning to pay attention as it is about learning to create. Especially if you go towards a more photojournalistic style.

There’s a lot of places to learn photography. A lot of GREAT places, no doubt! Clickin’ Moms and Creative Live are two places have some really great resources!

We love them all! But we also found that sometimes we belonged to sites with 100’s of courses, but we never made it through a single course (in a year). Dang. NOT the site’s fault! But we found this was a widespread “thing.”

So one thing we do at SPS is a monthly theme. Each month we introduce a photography topic (we call it our monthly theme) and we learn about it together the entire month. Each week there’s a brand new tutorial of sorts. And perhaps most importantly, each week we focus on actually putting the theme into practice (by taking pics).

We’ve found that this format of learning together in more of a “LIVE” format can really help build progress. And progress definitely helps kick that “info overload” feeling in the rear! 

How SPS Works

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Get access to every SPS course and the community for $10/month. We know this isn't chump change. Every dollar counts. Our goal is to make it worth your investment!

Step 2: Start a Course

With 18 courses and counting, there's usually something here for everyone! Whether you're a complete newbie, an enthusiast, or a pro, we can help you find a good starting point.

Step 3: Join the Theme In Progress

For those who love to learn alongside a group, we tackle a new photography theme together every month. You'll find tutorials, shooting practice ideas, and Live Q&A's to help along the way.

Step 4: Get and Give Support

Our members only community is widely known as the most encouraging photography group on the web. Many say this community alone is worth the investment.

Photo by Annette Heck (SPS Mentor)


The Photo Fix

A course for busy parents to learn how to take pro-quality snapshots of their kids.

SPS Benefits

Online & Self Paced

Show up in your pj's. And since all lessons are self-paced and access is unlimited, you also get to show up whenever you want.

Busy Parent Proof

Lessons are under 15 minutes, focusing relentlessly on the 20% of photo secrets that make 80% of the difference. This is your shortcut to taking pro quality pics.

Video Based

From shoot demos to LIVE Q&A sessions, the idea is simple: press play. Our shoot demos are purposely nothing fancy. Just real life...kind of like yours.

Seasoned Like A Pro

Don't just learn your camera. Learn the vital keys of composition, natural light, posing, shooting in manual, and editing. Complete course outline below.

Gracious Community

Our Members Only Facebook Group is widely known as the friendliest photography community on the web. Ask questions, get feedback, be inspired.

And Done

We have the highest course completion rate in the industry. Each concept pairs with the next for an effortless learning experience. Just follow along.

Background Photo by Courtney Knowlan (SPS Member)

What People Are Saying

Build A Treasure.

Join SPS and...

  • Capture pro-quality pics of your kids that are bright, crisp, and clean (even before editing).
  • Perhaps start a part time photography business.
  • Use your skills to photograph community events and causes. It's a HUGE service!
  • Save money. You won't need to over-schedule pro sessions just to get decent pics.
  • Get asked by all your friends to take pics of their kids (warning), and they'll ASK to pay you.
  • Look back at a treasure of amazing pics.
  • Find yourself more grateful than ever. Hard to explain, but photography helps you be present.
  • Your kids, clients, and community will thank you (for great pics).

Change nothing and...

  • Keep going. Just don't stop taking pics!

Background Photo by Kyle Shultz (SPS Founder)

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SPS members are absolutely amazing people and have become widely known as the most encouraging and gracious photography community on the web.  Help is just one post away.

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